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The leading expert for industrial machine vision in the food industry. Our AI-based industrial machine vision systems replicate the human eye 24/7/365 without ever getting tired.

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We teach our embedded camera systems with cutting edge AI technology to take an input (e.g. picture/video stream) and returning an output (detected object/classified image). The articles below illustrate different real-world applications of that procedure. Oculytics successfully implemented different quality assurance solutions for various industrial food-producing companies.

Oculytics Industrial Computer Vision Cheese

Manufacturers of processed cheese face various types of flaws in the packaging process. Read how Oculytics uses AI to instantly recognize defective pieces.


Vision sensors

Even the Oculytics software solutions will not work without the corresponding hardware. As it turned out, the German vision expert Basler AG is the perfect fit.

Oculytics Industrial Computer Vision Eggs

In contrast to conventional camera systems, the natural variation of the eggs in size, colour or form does not affect the Oculytics software solution at all.

Oculytics Industrial Computer Vision Quantitative_Control


Quantitative quality control is especially challenging in the food industry. The non consistent surface of natural products is the main reason for conventional camera systems to fail. However, thanks to the our AI-based software solutions these tasks are solved with ease.

Our camera systems check completely automized if all ingredients are present on a product and if they are placed in the right position.

It can be determined in real time e.g. if all olives are in the anticipated number presented on a pizza (picture left).


Due to the fact, that our camera systems are based on artificial intelligence, they can detect qualitative quality deviations without having to know them in advance.

This allows our systems, for example, to identify the degree of baking of a pizza (picture right), or determine the degree of ripeness of a banana.

The systematic recording of recurring errors creates the opportunity to intervene early in the production process, and hence, reduces the rejection rate significantly.

Oculytics Industrial Computer Vision Qualitative

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