Oculytics checks eggshell quality

Eggs are fundamental components of human nutrition since prehistory. To give a rough estimation about the size of this market: Only in the month of January 2019, the US produced more than 8 billion eggs solely for consumer consumption.[1] It goes without saying, that each of these produced eggs have to undergo a quality check. For small farms this quality check may can be done by hand. However, for industrial manufacturers this can be an almost non-manageable task, hence they depend on smart camera systems.

“Eggs are part of our daily life. We are delighted that our smart camera systems will have a long-term impact on product safety and sustainability”

Lukas Loacker, CEO Oculytics

Due to artificial intelligence Oculytics was able to develop a software, which classifies the egg and its shell into two categories. The system classifies the shell of each egg individually and thereby distinguishes between “ok” and “broken”. In contrast to conventional camera systems, the natural variation of the eggs in size, colour or form does not affect the Oculytics solution at all. Therefore, the camera systems can get installed without a long set-up time in different locations and have an immediate positive impact.


  • 24/7 reliable eggshell check
  • universally usable: not affected by size, colour or form of eggs
  • retro fitting ready
  • processing up to 30 frames per second

[1] “The U.S. Produced Enough Eggs in January to Reach the Moon.”, Bloomberg, 27 Feb. 2019,

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