Oculytics checks labels on processed cheese

The detection of defective products with an uneven surface poses major challenges for conventional camera systems. When it comes to the production of processed cheese, the types of flaws can be various. Missing labels, partially removed labels or even damaged cheese triangles can occur. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the Oculytics camera system is able to quickly recognize and reject defective labels with high confidence.

“The camera system helps us to accurately identify defective products before they are packaged.”

Ludwig Rupp, MOB Rupp AG

Thanks to the advanced software solution, the system can be used for various label motives without the need for readjusting. Hence, labels can be switched on the same production line seamlessly. Due to its compact design, the Oculytics camera system allows retrofitting on almost any cheese manufacturing machine. The required installation takes place during a scheduled maintenance period. Consequently, the operational process does not get interrupted.


  • 24/7 reliable quality assurance
  • 30 processed frames per second
  • reports for quality management (incl. statistics and images)
  • retro fitting ready
  • signal for ejection mechanism

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